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Election 2015 comment: Who will have the last word?

If you believed the polls and the papers then you probably expected a slightly different result. Expecting the closest race ever, but got something quite different.

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Cameron vows to stand up for all UK nations

David Cameron vowed to govern for the whole of the United Kingdom as he returned to No 10 at the head of a majority Conservative government.

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Election 2015: How businesses in Notts may be affected

Traders in Nottingham are preparing for potential changes to their business in the lead up to the general election.

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Will new voters in Notts make an impact on this year’s election?

First time voters are undecided as to whether they will bother turning up to vote in May. The pressure is on the political parties to encourage non-participators to vote.

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Immigration: Nottingham has its say

Immigration is one of the election’s hottest issues; we assess what each of the main parties is promising at the General Election.

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