Constituencies Candidates

Entire For mapElection night promises to be an exciting one here in Nottinghamshire as, although the county is dominated by Labour, it has some of the most marginal seats in the country and the way polling day plays out in Notts will be a good indication of the national result overall. Here’s a full list of those hoping for your vote

Labour currently holds seven of the eleven parliamentary seats, whilst the Conservatives hold four. But it is predicted that Labour could gain two Conservative seats in Broxtowe and Sherwood but will be fighting to retain Gedling, against strong Tory opposition, and Mansfield where UKIP has growing support.


Gloria_De_Piero_LabourLabour (sitting)Gloria De Piero is the Labour party candidate for the seat in Ashfield defending a majority of just 192 seats. She is a member of the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. The former GMTV political editor graduated from the University of Westminster with a 1st in Social Sciences.

Helen_Harrison_ConservativeConservative – Helen Harrison is the party’s newly selected candidate attempting to make up an overall Conservative deficit to both Labour and the Liberal Democrats of almost 6000 votes. She runs her own physiotherapy clinic and is a hospital governor. She has pledged to campaign to improve the deal for the NHS and schools.

Mike_Buchanan_JMBJustice for Men and Boys – Mike Buchanan is a former Conservative party consultant who resigned from the party in 2009, after David Cameron announced support for all-women parliamentary candidate shortlists. He is now a fierce anti-feminism campaigner having written three books on the subject.

Simon_Ashcroft_UKIPUKIP – Simon Ashcroft is the new UKIP candidate in Ashfield, having been moved from Sherwood. Having worked hard in this constituency Simon is hoping to gain votes from the collapse of the Liberal Democrat vote in the area.



Sarah_Downes_ConservativeConservatives – Sarah Downes grew up in Northamptonshire and now works as a social care manager in the Midlands. She studied History at Cambridge University and went on to become a business advisor and then a manager of a care business. She strongly believes in the Conservative values of enterprise, equality and opportunity.


Greens – Kriss Wragg is the founder for the Bassetlaw Green Party and is now its Treasury Officer. He’s also passionate about organisations such as ‘GreenPeace’ and the ‘Open Rights Group’. He studied Software Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University and now works as a Software Engineer at Simcyp. He owns his own allotment and, with his wife, tries to be as self-sufficient as possible.


Labour (sitting) – John Mann has represented Bassetlaw since 2001 and is currently defending a 16.6% majority. He sits on the Treasury Committee and has previously served as a Parliamentary Private Secretary. John has successfully campaigned to keep Bassetlaw Hospital A&E open and to stop Bassetlaw Primary Care Trust being merged into a wider county-wide primary care trust.


Liberal Democrats – Leon Duveen has stood in council elections since 2010 and has acted as a campaign manager for the local Liberal Democrats party. He has a degree in Mathematical Sciences and works as a Software Engineer and an IT contractor. He served as a parent governor at his children’s school and helped set up ‘Bassetlaw Against Fracking’.


UKIP – David Scott has spent most of his life living in Nottinghamshire and has worked as a mechanic. He feels that pride and hope has been lost for locals and wants to bring this back to Bassetlaw. He believes that local people have been left out of the decision-making processes and says UKIP will focus on local issues.


Anna Soubry MP Conservatives – Anna Soubry studied Law at the University of Birmingham and trained as a barrister. Anna was appointed a Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Health Minister in 2010. After this, she became a Junior Health Minister, the first female MP Defence Minister and, in 2014, Minister of State for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans.

David_Kirwan_GreenGreens – David Kirwan is a press officer for the Royal College of Nursing and formerly a Trades Union officer for UNISON. He grew up and went to school in Newark where last summer he stood for the Green Party in the Newark by-election. His election priorities are to defend the NHS from privatisation, protect the greenbelt in Broxtowe and oppose the proposed HS2 rail-link through the East Midlands.

Raymond_Barry_JMBJustice for Men and Boys – Barry Raymond worked for the Jobs Service as an advisor for people with disabilities for 30 years before retiring. He has a Masters Degree and once trained as a Priest. He has three children who he says he has not seen for many years because of what he describes as the injustices within the family legal system.

Nick_Palmer_LabourLabour – Nick Palmer
was MP for Broxtowe from 1997 until he lost the seat at the 2010 general election to Conservative Anna Soubry, by just 390 votes. He has a PhD in Mathematics and speaks six languages. He has also worked as an IT management specialist.

Stan_Heptinstall_LIB_DEMLiberal Democrats – Stan Heptinstall is hoping to use his 24 years of experience in local government to win his first parliamentary seat. He has been a member of Broxtowe Borough Council since 1991, Deputy Mayor of Broxtowe, a county councillor for the Bramcote and Stapleford Division since 1997 and a member of Stapleford Town Council.

Frank_Dunne_UKIPUKIP – Frank Dunne is a company director and the newly selected candidate for UKIP in this constituency. He has warned other candidates that his decision to plough his own money and time into his campaign is an indication of his commitment and determination to win.



catherine atkinsonLabour – Catherine Atkinson describes herself as a part-time barrister and full-time mum. She lives in Sandiacre and is aiming change things for the better. Catherine promises to fight for the NHS, create more jobs and regenerate the town centres. She supports plans for an income tax cut for working people, more free child care, and a higher minimum wage.

maggie throupConservatives – Maggie Throup promises to fight for things that matter. She promises to make Ilkeston a thriving town again by boasting the town’s history, bringing people into the area, creating more jobs, and supporting a growing business community. She also thinks it is important to promote the borough’s heritage of lace making, upholstery and rail engineering.

martin_garnettLiberal Democrats – Martin Garnet has lived in Erewash for more than 30 years and this is the fifth time has has run for this seat. He would like to promote scientific research in the borough, and its development, to bring economic benefits and job opportunities to the area.

philip s roseUKIP – Philip S Rose moved to Erewash in 1966. He served as a borough councillor for the Conservative Party but joined UKIP after experiencing first-hand what he describes as ‘a lack of a local democracy.’ He believes political control is limited by laws passed through the EU to Westminister.

ralph hierons

Greens – Ralph Hierons joined the Green party following the last general election, as he saw it as the ‘only remaining party with any remaining integrity.’  He believes the Green party’s policies are proposing changes that will improve society, the environment and equality. Ralph sees the potential in the constituency of Erewash.


Carolyn_Abbott_ConservativeConservatives – Carolyn Abbott is a small business owner and sees job creation as her top priority alongside the security of a regular wage packet. She aims to revive the local high street and town centres, sustain the public sector with a strong economy and make Gedling a safe, green, clean and a prosperous place to live, work and retire.

Greens – Jim Norris graduated from University of Nottingham and has worked various roles in the public sector including being a director for an NHS Trust and the head of HR for the police. He has lived in Gedling for nearly 20 years and is currently the Area Countryside Officer for the Ramblers. Jim aims to protect the countryside.

Vernon_Coaker_LabourLabour (sittng) – Vernon Coaker is defending a 3.8% majority in Gedling. Previously the Shadow Secretary Of State Defence, Vernon has been involved in politics for more than 20 years. In 2005 he became a government whip and has been Minister of State at the Home Office and later became the Minister of State for Schools and Learning.

Robert_Swift_LibDemLiberal Democrats – Robert Swift studied Politics and Philosophy and has a masters in Business Administration. He entered politics with the aim of keeping the United Kingdom together and in Europe. He wants better support for working parents by tripling paternity leave and providing free childcare from two years old. Increasing funding for the NHS is also a priority.

Lee_Waters_UKIPUKIP – Lee Waters founded the UKIP Gedling Constituency Association. He has lived in Nottingham for 10 years and is married with a young son. He says he is passionate about improving the local community and safeguarding jobs. He believes his party can now build on its success after winning in the European Parliamentary Elections in Gedling.


Andrea_Clarke_ConservativeConservatives – Andrea Clarke is a criminal defence solicitor and runs a law practice in the East Midlands. She says she is committed to the creation of sustainable employment and that her main priority for Mansfield is to bring jobs and investment into the area to build on the region’s economic success.

Paul_Frost_GreenGreens – Paul Frost has worked as a careers advisor in schools and job centres for much of his career. He was the chairman of the successful campaign against a Mansfield incinerator and fought against plans for an incinerator in Rainworth. He has lived in Mansfield for 20 years and is an active member of Friends of the Earth. He is married with two children.

Alan_Meale_LabourLabour (sitting) – Alan Meale is hoping to win the seat for the seventh time. He was knighted in the 2011 Birthday Honours list and has served as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, in the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions. He entered politics to campaign against poverty, lack of provision and opportunity in Mansfield.

Tony_Rogers_LibDemLiberal Democrats – Tony Rogers lives in Chesterfield and in 2011 lost his seat on Chesterfield Borough Council when the council was regained by Labour in a backlash against the coalition Government. He was recently elected chair of the Derbyshire Liberal Democrats and has stated that his priority in politics is to put ordinary people first.

Karen_Seymour_TUSCTrades Union and Socialist Coalition – Karen Seymour is proud of the long tradition of her party of struggling to defend working-class people. The organisation says it is at the forefront of fighting against the austerity measures of the current coalition government including, in particular, the bedroom tax and fighting for better pay, terms and conditions of working men and women.

Sid_Peppers_UKIPUKIPSid Peppers is believed to have one of UKIP’s most realistic chances of winning in Nottinghamshire. His ambition of becoming an RAF pilot was cut short after he failed his O-levels. On leaving Mansfield Grammar School he had many jobs, including waiting on, cleaning and car washing and has run his own business. He loves dancing and music and is a resident DJ at a local pub.


Helen_Tyrer_ConsensusConsensus – Helen Tyrer is an independent candidate standing for the Consensus party. She is a 58-year-old parish councillor and has lived near Newark for almost 20 years. She wants her party to give her constituents a voice. She has previously worked for 36 years in the NHS.

Robert_Jenrick_Conservative Conservatives (sitting) – Robert Jenrick is defending a majority he won in the 2014 by-election after Patrick Mercer stepped down. He has since gone on to be appointed as a Ministerial Aide in the Department for Energy and Climate Change. He has a first-class honours degree in History as well as having spent a year studying Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania.

Elayne_Forster_Green Greens – Elayne Forster hopes to use her work in the community to her advantage. She has worked for 20 years in the NHS and has recently established the Newark Green Party. She hopes to curb what she sees as the widening inequality gap should she be elected.

Michael_Payne_LabourLabour – Michael Payne is currently the deputy leader of Gedling Borough council, but is now standing as MP for Newark and says he is determined to make opportunity a reality for the people of Newark. He hopes to improve education and training for all across the constituency. Michael is also former President of Lancaster Universities Students’ Union.

David_Dobbie_LibDemLiberal Democrats – David Dobbie is currently a town councillor in Gainsborough and has acted as Chair of the Newark Liberal Democrats for the 1997 general election. He has worked in Newark for a large portion of his working life, with Politics being a constant. He would like to see the disestablishment of the Church from the State on a national level and the setting up of East Nottinghamshire as a unitary authority.

Brian_Mapletoft_UKIP UKIP – Brian Mappletoft is the new UKIP candidate for Newark. The Hazlemere Parish Council chairman is taking over from Roger Helmer, who fought in the 2014 by-election where he halved the Conservative majority. Brian promises to campaign on local issues such as health and education.

Nottingham EastNottingham East

Garry_Hickton_ConservativeConservatives – Garry Hickton has been a councillor for Derby Road West since September 2014. In the last election the Conservatives received 7,846 votes in a seat which is historically a Labour stronghold. As a Nottingham resident, with a son at a local secondary school, it is hoped he will successful at communicating with voters.

Antonia_Zenkevitch_GreenGreens – Antonia Zenkevitch has lived in Nottingham East for 13 years. The Greens are hopeful that she can make them relevant in this constituency after taking just 2.8% of the vote in 2010. Antonia aims to campaign for an increase in the living wage, decent homes and affordable homes for all and an improved local economy.

Seb_Soar_IndependentIndependent – Seb Soar is an independent candidate for Nottingham East who has lived and been educated in the constituency. He is aiming to uproot Chris Leslie and restore a candidate to the seat who he says will look out for the city rather than toe a party line. He also hopes to inspire young people in the area to get involved in politics.

James_Stephenson_IndependentIndependent – James Stephenson is also an independent candidate who has lived in the city all of his life, other than for a brief spell to study at the University of Manchester. He hopes to offer people living in Nottingham East a fresh approach and be a candidate who will place residents at the forefront of his thinking.

Chris_Leslie_LabourLabour (sitting) – Chris Leslie has held the Nottingham East seat since the 2010 general election when he won the seat by nearly 7,000 votes and is expected to retain and potentially expand Labour’s hold on the constituency. Currently serving as Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, he sat in parliament as the MP for Shipley between 1997 and 2005.

Tadeusz_Jones_LibDemLiberal Democrats – Tadeusz Jones is from Nottingham and has studied at a number of universities around the UK gaining a BA in Pharmacology, a biochemistry PhD and an MA in International Relations. His emphasis is on the use of science in driving the economy.

Fran_Loi_UKIPUKIP – Fran Loi has been a Gedling resident for over 30 years. Fran has the unenviable task of improving UKIP’s standing in Nottingham East. With only 3.4% of the vote in 2010, he will be hopeful to ride the wave of national popularity to increase the party’s share of the vote.

Nottingham NorthNottingham North

Louise_Burfitt-Dons_ConservativeConservatives – Louise Burfitt-Dons is a former publican and has campaigned on anti-bullying issues and run a children’s charity for the past 14 years. She wants to encourage apprenticeships, back local businesses and campaign for the renovation of Bulwell which she believes has been neglected for too long.

Kat_Boettge_GreenGreens – Kat Boettge is the Green Party’s lead candidate in the East Midlands. She combines her political campaigning with supporting her daughter and lists her political priorities as eradicating food poverty and social inequality and getting communities working together. She is passionate about fighting climate change.

Graham_Allen_LabourLabour (sitting) – Graham Allen, was born and educated in Nottingham, and has been MP for Nottingham North since 1987, defending a 8,138 majority. He has sat on a number of Parliamentary select committees but as a backbench MP has sometimes voted against his party and was a fierce opponent of the Iraq War

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALiberal Democrats – Tony Sutton has lived and worked in Nottingham for 36 years. He took early retirement from Boots in 2005 to stand as an MP in the 2005. He became a city councillor that year and a fierce challenger to the ruling Labour group achieving major changes to the authority’s policy of chasing council tax arrears.

Cathy_Meadows_TUSC Trades Union and Socialist Coalition – Cathy Meadows is proud of the long tradition of her party of struggling to defend working-class people. The organisation says it is at the forefront of fighting against the austerity measures of the current coalition government including, in particular, the bedroom tax and fighting for better pay, terms and conditions of working men and women.

Stephen_Crosby_UKIP UKIP – Stephen Crosby works in Nottingham as a manufacturing engineer and researcher. Previously was involved in voluntary cross-community activity in East Belfast for 10 years engaging with the police, community groups, businesses and government agencies to promote peace and unity. He is married and has two teenage daughters.

Nottingham SouthNottingham South

Jane_Hunt_ConservativeConservatives – Jane Hunt is a former school governor and says she is committed to improving schools. She is also a borough councillor and lists amongst her political priorities the wish to help those who want to get onto the housing ladder. She wants investment to further Nottingham’s status as the cultural and business hub of the East Midlands.

Adam_McGregor_GreenGreens – Adam McGregor is one of three candidates Green Party candidates in the city who believes that Nottingham’s rich history should be used to create a fairer, healthier and more sustainable future. The party is calling for long-term economic planning, job creation in the green industries, free university education and an end to austerity cuts.

Lilian_Greenwood_LabourLabour (sitting) – Lilian Greenwood has lived in and around Nottingham for more than 17 years. She is married and has three daughters. Until becoming MP for Nottingham South in 2010 she worked for Unison. She became Assistant Whip in 2011 and is defending a majority of 1,772.

Deborah_Newton-Cook_LibDemLiberal Democrats – Deborah Newton-Cook has worked for Nottingham’s interests since 1994 when she was selected to be the party’s Director of the Nottingham Brussels Office and then in 1997 she was appointed Ambassador for the City of Nottingham. She hopes the coalition’s record in government will win votes in this election.

Andrew_Clayworth_TUSCTrades Union and Socialist Coalition – Andrew Clayworth is proud of the long tradition of his party of struggling to defend working-class people. The organisation says it is at the forefront of fighting against the austerity measures of the current coalition government including, in particular, the bedroom tax and fighting for better pay, terms and conditions of working men and women.

David_Hollas_UKIPUKIP – David Hollas, was born in Nottingham and is a recently retired Army Officer, having served for 34 years including operational tours of Northern Ireland, the Balkans and the Gulf. He stands for a strong and independent UK who is against a political union in Europe preferring trade agreements instead.


Kenneth_Clarke_ConservativeConservatives (sitting) – Kenneth Clarke has been a politician for more than 40 years first winning his seat in Rushcliffe in 1970. He has served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1993 to 1997 and Home Secretary from 1992 to 1993, under John Major. He returned to the back benches following a cabinet reshuffle in 2014.

Richard_Mallender_GreenGreens – Richard Mallender lives in West Bridgford and has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Teesside. He has worked in IT for the Red Cross and currently works for the city council. He is a member of Friends of the Hook which aims to create a nature reserve alongside the River Trent and supports calls for 20 mph speed restrictions in residential areas.

David_Mellen_LabourLabour – David Mellen was a teacher and headteacher in Nottinghamshire. He first moved here as a student having grown up on a farm in Suffolk. He is currently a city council and a Children’s Worker at New Life Baptist Church in West Bridgford. He believes more needs to be done to ensure the economic recovery benefits everyone.

Robert_Johnston_LibDemLiberal Democrats – Robert Johnston is a retired lecturer in Biology and former Trades Union official for the NAS/UWT. He has served as a school governor and county councillor in Oxfordshire, where he currently lives. He is a widower with one grown-up son. He is a keen gardener and speaks fluent French.

Matthew_Faithfull_UKIPUKIP – Matthew Faithful will fight for the Rushcliffe seat on behalf of UKIP for a second time. He hopes to persuade disgruntled Labour and Conservative voters to turn to UKIP as well as people who haven’t voted for many years with pledges to control immigration, put more police on the streets and oppose the HS2 rail-link.


Mark_Spencer_ConservativeConservatives (sitting) – Mark Spencer was born in Nottinghamshire and after qualifying joined his family diary farming business. He won the Sherwood seat in 2010 from Paddy Tipping with a slim majority of 214. He has served on Nottinghamshire County Council, Gedling District Council and parish councils in Ravenshead, Calverton, Woodborough and Lambley.

Lydia_Davies-Bright_GreenGreen – Lydia Davies-Bright has lived in Nottinghamshire since 2006. She is a part-time lecturer and is currently reading for a PhD in law at the University of Nottingham. She previously lived in Belfast where she worked to build community relations following the Good Friday agreement. She says she is standing to give people in Sherwood an opportunity for change.

Leonie_Mathers_LabourLabour – Leonie Mathers, aged 23, decided to study for her A-levels at night school to earn herself a place at Leeds University. She has been an active party member, serving as parliamentary assistant to Yvette Cooper and supporting Labour’s previous Sherwood MP Paddy Tipping. She believes; “if Labour doesn’t win in Sherwood there won’t be a Labour government.”

Sally_Chadd_UKIPUKIP – Sally Chadd is part of a third-generation Nottinghamshire farming family. Her father was in Bomber Command and her grandfather survived the Somme. She graduated from Cambridge University and has worked as a lecturer and business consultant. She is an ardent supporter of saving the Green Belt and opposes the ‘bedroom-tax’ and cuts to benefits and pensions.

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