Labour gains three seats on Nottingham City Council

elex-thumbnilLabour had major success in the Nottingham City Council elections – maintaining its strong majority and gaining three seats, writes Sophie Thomas.

The Conservatives may have come out on top in the General Election nationally but Labour won 52 out of 55 city council seats.

Labour’s haul is up on the 49 it held going in to the poll.

It was a tough result for the Independents, who lost all their three seats to Labour in Clifton North, Clifton South and Mapperley.

The Conservatives managed to retain their three seats in Wollaton West and Clifton North.

Meanwhile, Independent Kate Allsop was elected Mayor of Mansfield after beating Labour’s Martin Lee.

Ms Allsop was victorious with 22,600 votes, compared to Mr Lee with 19,720.

The count at the John Fretwell Centre took more than four hours to complete as no candidate secured 50 per cent of the first preference vote, meaning second preference votes had to be counted to see who would be elected.

After the first choice votes were counted there were just 42 votes separating the two with Ms Allsop on 17,604 and Mr Lee on 17,562.

But Ms Allsop beat the opposition by more than 3,000 votes once the second choice votes were counted.

The turnout for the Mayoral election was 57.93% with 46,402 voting out of 80,102 registered, an increase from 2011 when the turnout was 37.4%.

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